401k ripoff?

Recently, I heard an acquaintance say this:

“I have a 401k at my job and I think they are just
ripping me off.  I can’t use the money if I need it,
my account value is going down, and I’m not really
sure what to do with it.  I don’t want to lose my
money again if the market tanks again.”

Fortunately for him, I have been researching the
answer to that question.

Here is my answer to his concern…


If you are tired of risking your future in the Wall
Street casino you’ll want to watch this video.

Ethan & Brett


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One Response to 401k ripoff?

  1. Fernando says:

    Annuities as a whole are not bad. However annuitizing an antuiny is absolutely nuts. Some annuities now have what are called living benefits. These allow you to draw money and yet still have a death benefit for your heirs. After the market fall in 2000-2001 their were annuities out there that may only have a contract value of 75,000 and yet a death benefit of 500,000. These new living benefit annuities were put into place to protect against this happening. More details upon request.

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